Saturday, August 8, 2009

Consider the source, Norway. | Babalú Blog: an island on the net without a bearded dictator

Consider the source, Norway. | Babalú Blog: an island on the net without a bearded dictator

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  1. "We congratulate the government of Norway for informing Ambassador Santana that his behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” said Thor Halvorssen, President of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). “Ambassador Santana has a long history of defaming, harassing, and threatening human rights defenders who express concern about the appalling human rights violations in Cuba,”

    This group from Norway (HRF) mean s business when it comes to the America's and the islands, there mission and I quote from the article "HRF is an international nonpartisan organization devoted to defending human rights in the Americas. It centers its work on the twin concepts of freedom of self-determination and freedom from tyranny. These ideals include the belief that all human beings have the rights to speak freely, to associate with those of like mind, and to leave and enter their countries. Individuals in a free society must be accorded equal treatment and due process under law, and must have the opportunity to participate in the governments of their countries; HRF’s ideals likewise find expression in the conviction that all human beings have the right to be free from arbitrary detainment or exile and from interference and coercion in matters of conscience. HRF does not support nor condone violence. HRF’s International Council includes former prisoners of conscience Vladimir Bukovsky, Palden Gyatso, Ramón J. Velásquez, Elie Wiesel, and Harry Wu.

    A formidable tasking with formidable governments. Kudos to Norway and HRF!



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