Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Basic Human Rights in America Of Course!!!..But Still no Treaty To Protect our Children...

America the Beautiful of course I love her, but we are still a few steps away from becoming the leader that we could be. While the United States was a leader in the development of key human rights instruments, it has failed to ratify key treaties that would make that right real here at home. To cite just one example, "the United States is one of only two countries in the world that have not ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which includes basic guarantees like the right to education and housing for children. The other country is Somalia, which lacks a functioning government." 

Many proponents feel we should  protect the homeless people that many of you have likely seen in your daily commutes. Am I correct, you have seen these unfortunate people? Of course it is likely you have a mixed feeling about there plights to homelessness whether it be drugs or alcohol or some other self affliction,but how do you really know what these peoples problems really stem from? Have you any proof? Hmmmm.. Kind of makes you wonder am I correct? I am not asking for some sort of pity party....... no you have me pegged wrongly. But,...... it is really so easy to judge one way or another or to sterotype the homeless for one reason or another?

Did you know that the United States is one of only two countries not to ratify a significant world treaty, to protect the rights of children? The other country being Somalia? Have a look at this post being that it is World Habitat Day.



Monday, October 4, 2010

New and Revised Blog..New Approach ..New Will....Global Sex Traffic

 Dear fellow bloggers and previous followers of my blog. I have missed you while I took one year off from blogging to work on a manuscript, and to work on a very inportant personl relationship in my life. However, I never forgot about my readership or my insistency that Global Human Rights really are for Everyone indeed!

 Today, although brief I would like to point you to the link from a very recent September 30, 2010 US State Department release, regrading human trafficking and modern day slavery. As I have mentioned in my 2009 posts and you can review my archives, this is not a "new" phenomena. The US government has really stepped up due diligence with revitalized task forces and interagency involvement with the FBI and other agencies spearheding ever so important measures to shore up the 10 year old legislation entitled the 
Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000.

     According to the US State Departments official website, "Since the passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000 a decade ago, we have seen both appreciable progress and new trends. For instance, we have come to understand that men comprise a significant number of trafficking victims. Yet, we have also seen the feminization of modern slavery, with women making up a majority of those trapped in commercial sex as well as in forced labor situations.
We have found women held in modern slavery through deceit and force, picking cotton, mining conflict minerals, harvesting rice, toiling as domestic workers, dancing in nightclubs, exploited for pornography, and offered for commercial sex. We have come to understand the unique vulnerabilities of those who work in the home, with many countries not offering adequate legal protection to domestic workers. This feminization of modern slavery has been aided by growing numbers of women migrating for work and the increasingly unscrupulous and coercive nature of recruiting.
Such fraudulent recruitment practices affect both female and male workers. These practices include: work offers that misrepresent conditions, excessive recruitment fees, written contracts that workers cannot understand, and the switching of terms of employment after the original contract has been signed. In the so-called sex industry, recruiters do not merely make promises of a better life; they weave a tale of love and glamour that is quickly replaced by dependency and the abuse of what has been called “seasoning” – a term that is itself as offensive as the practice it describes. Traffickers are also changing their methods of control: they are using more female recruiters, more subtle forms of exploitation, and greater psychological abuse. And these techniques demonstrate how interconnected sex and labor trafficking are, as more and more cases are being brought around the world involving the sexual abuse – both in prostitution and by their bosses – of women who migrated on domestic worker visas. These migrant women have been raped and threatened with harm by supervisors who control their work environment."

     These are extremely important findings........ Please be informed, the United States under the Obama administration, for you Democrats out there,  is spearheading a serious campaign under Hillary Clintons Agency, to get to the bottom of this very difficult notion of modern day slavery.

My hat is off to the US State Department and I hope that they continue to keep up the good work as I will continue to, through my blog, keep as many people as I can informed of all there outstanding efforts to promote human rights on a global level.