Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Greetings, I am Back..Renewed Vitality and New Book regarding Global Human Rights

It gives me great pleasure to announce the completion of my manuscript entitled 'So Many Humans, Too Few Rights. At this moment I am working out the details with the Literary Agent/Publisher. I am accepting advanced orders, but at this moment, I do not know what the price will be for the book. The better news is that I am going to announce here on this Blog, what the book will be about; at least in part. Hopefully, you will see an interest the same way you did in my writings on my Blog as evidenced by the way you gave me such support by following my Blog so closely.

The book basically is a content analysis and case study of three powerful N Go's, for example,  Amnesty International, whose mission it is to identify global human rights abuse, and then find a way to stop them by whatever means are legally possible!! What I did as a political scientist ,was to follow the plights of these 3 N Go's over a 15 year period commencing the end of the cold war(1989). I then compared the findings of human rights abuse with the human rights congressional resolutions announced in the United States Congress for the same 15 year period, 1989-2004. This I called a longitudinal study. 

I can not give you much more about the book than that or you might not want to buy it. Just kidding you, anyways the book is on its way to availability and should be available in several formats.

I hope you contact me with your interest in finding out how N Go's, human rights abuse, and the US Congress are or maybe are not on the same team when it comes to global  human rights abuse. If your in the education field, this might be the perfect book for the classroom to educate students, in political science or American Government course work. Obviously,you may want to give it a read and make your own decision.

Email me at: with your intent to order and the number of copies you may need. You may also email me at That is an underscore after Willman. Thank-you.