Saturday, April 14, 2012

Russia slams the door on prominent European Human Rights NGO

     It is true, Global human rights really are for everyone. When you have a powerful human rights NGO like the "Russian Justice Initiative" working for the people of Russia, it should make the world feel great!!  The RJI, according to the Turkish reporting agency, has won 109 cases worth 10 million Euros in favor of human rights abuse victims!

   They also have over 200 cases pending in the European Court of Human Rights. Unfortunately, The Russian administration is denying the NGO registration-in some important Caucasus citing lack of timeliness of filing. Hopefully, this powerful Human Rights NGO will find a way to get there registration completed and ensure that global human rights are for everyone! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Malaysia to enact new law to end indefinite detention without trial!

Finally, to end an old law on the book dating back to colonial British rule to enact a new law which did   allow  a  rule to hold detainees indefinitely. Malysia has decided to enact legislation to provide detainees at most 28 days before they will be given a fair trial for whatever they are being held for. This is a huge step towards human rights advancement in a country that has certainly no been a role model for civil and judicial rights for criminally accused militant detainees. Global human rights are for everyone...get it? Click on the link above to get the source for this story.



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Young Ukranian Man dies Supicious Death In Ukraine..Human Rights gone Wrong?

Greetings fellow bloggers and readers!

This story broke 2 weeks ago in Euronews. I would wish for you to pay attention to this one. I believe it is worthy of a human rights inquiry!!! According to the parents, their son died and was beaten and tortured while in police custody. Ukraine has a gentleman running for an official position in the country as a human rights protection Ombudsman. So, it is apparent that their is an ongoing problem within the country that they have apparently recognized.

    Everywhere their is a need to elevate the fact that Global Human Rights are for everyone!!! Please, if you get a few minutes, send an email to the Ukrainian Presidents office.! You can email the Ukrainian embassy in canada at:  I know it is not the most direct route, but enough attention might get the pot of soup from cold to a little simmer, right?
How about an email to the US State department Human Rights office?

Let them know you are watching what goes on in the Ukraine. WE CARE about people. It is our mission to care about all types... every type of rights...  everywhere, correct?
   Thank-you to those that see my blog and follow it. Spend an extra minute. Forward this post. Tweet it. Put it into the spotlight on the Internet. Post it on Face-book. Let that family know that just lost their son two weeks ago, at the hand of the police in the Ukraine, that human rights are for everyone and that we care. Global Human Rights Are For Everyone!