Friday, August 14, 2009

California's overcrowded prisons: Gulags in the sun | The Economist

California's overcrowded prisons: Gulags in the sun | The Economist

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  1. "The result is a disaster, says Ms Petersilia. California spends $49,000 a year on each prisoner, But it still has the country’s worst rate of recidivism, with 70% of people who leave prison ending up back in it, compared with 40% in America as a whole,"

    This is almost twice the national average. This is disastrous for California. Yes we know California has 1 of every 7 Americans living there. But the rate of people winding back in prison there after leaving is almost two times the national average.I reiterate that point. They are also segregated by race. There are human rights abuses running rampant in those prisons. This particular prison has nearly two times the capacity it is designed to hold thanks to the new sentencing guidelines where prisoners are supposed to serve more of there sentences then they had previously. Do I have the answer? No. I do not. Is there human rights abuse occurring? Oh yes most can pretty much bet on it.


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