Saturday, March 10, 2012

Christian Pastor sentenced to execution in Iran

Young 34 year old in home Christian pastor and wife have children taken away and both arrested in Iran. The charges you ask? Refusal to renounce Christian faith and follow Islam. Although the Iranian constitution supposedly allows for a person to follow other than Islam apparently the government has had a change in heart. It is getting or should I say staying bad for human rights in Iran. Their is no such thing as freedom of religion at least not in this case. Click on the link in this title and read this heartfelt article. Lets hope that Iran has not already ended this young mans life. His faith is all that he might have left when he goes before the execution squad in Iran. make some noise for the International human rights NGo's to step up their vigilance! Tweet your followers, alert your Face book friends, contact your congressional man should be executed because of their religious faith regardless of where they were born!!!


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