Sunday, September 20, 2009

U.S., Iran: So Much To Discuss!

U.S., Iran: So much to talk about --

Absolutely there is much to discuss with Iran! See my post dated 9/10/2009 from Cultural Relativism or Human Rights at

Here you will find President Ahmadinejad's of Iran's philosophy in which he claims that "We are not in the race for development." Well, among other political agenda items such as the horrendous human rights abuse allegations following the recent elections, I am sure that nuclear talks will be in the forefront of discussions in the upcoming October 1st meeting. The LA Times does a great job explaining what has already been all over the media and the internet regarding the human rights abuse that has occurred in Iran this year especially! Lets hope that the US, the newest member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, will lead the way in the Nuclear talks as well as the human rights talks on the first of the month!


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