Friday, September 11, 2009

Unrest in East Turkestan; Regional Capital of Urumchi.

I received a thoroughly lengthy email from a subscription that I had forgotten that I had signed up for, it had been so long ago it seemed! But anyways it is so worthy of a Fridays post for you! Refer to this link at Wikipedia:

There is no love lost between the Uyghurs and the Chinese. This dilemma is centuries old. Furthermore in a report from an official email I received from the Uyghur American Association(UAA) September 10, 2009, there are much more serious concerns on the ground with human rights in China and the Uyghurs:

"A lack of clarity has surrounded the most recent outbreak of Han
Chinese demonstrations in Urumchi. Chinese authorities admitted
that five people had died in the recent unrest; however, reports from
Urumchi, unconfirmed in the official Chinese media, indicate that an
ethnic conflict is escalating in the regional capital, with eyewitness
accounts describing attacks on Uyghurs and Uyghur businesses in the
most recent wave of unrest[iv]. Two prominent blogger s in China, Ilham
Tohti and Woeser, reported the beating to death of Uyghur singer
Mirzat Alim on September 2, 2009, and a severe beating suffered by
Uyghur calligrapher and journalist Kaynam Jappar on September 3,
2009[v]. Both attacks were carried out by Han Chinese mobs, according
to the blogger s. UAA believes that the Chinese government has been
instrumental in increasing tensions in East Turkestan by blaming
Uyghur's for the alleged syringe attacks, in which official reports
claim 476 victims have been affected. UAA calls on the official
Chinese media to balance its reporting and to accurately reflect the
situation on the ground in Urumchi."

The situation is nearly insurmountable between these two groups. Ask around, not too many people have even heard of the Uyghur's before this post quite likely. Furthermore, What about the Han Chinese sect? Nevertheless these are human rights we are talking about! This has got to be brought in to the public blogo- sphere don't you think so? The link to this post will give you much more detail about the Uyghurs if you want to learn more about here history and culture and how they don't fit in with the Chinese government at the moment. It really is an interesting political dilemma that gets very little attention in the media. Nevertheless, Global Human Rights are For Everyone!


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  1. William,

    Thank you for the blog post. It is disconcerning that there are protests happening by Han Chinese in Xinjiang, yet, international media has no idea to the depth and scope of the violence. China must take corrective action to ensure human rights for its citizens, but the international community must also come together and demand rights for all.



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