Friday, September 4, 2009

London Has A Say; New Torture Claims; Pointing Fingers at US Doctors

US doctors and psychologists more complicit in torture than previously thought

With all the rhetoric running a muck surrounding the "Gitmo" torture allegations and the rest of the ACLU's special powers to have the Attorney General spotlight the CIA for abuse and torture allegations, this article comes as a bit of a surprise from our "friends" from across the Atlantic. It seems that our Doctors who are of course regarded with the highest esteem; are now being implicated as well according to a recent submission to the British Medical Journal. The articles extract quotes: "The new report’s authors argue that the information shows that health professionals played central roles in developing, implementing, and providing justification for torture."
Its apparent that the CIA was not just routinely running the operations alone while "torturing" people and that it at least was supervised by health professionals? This is a good thing then right? I guess it all depends on your point of view. I was really surprised when I received this alert.
Apparently the medical community will be called out and implicated right along with the CIA interrogators with this whole torture mess allegation scandal. Human rights will be answered for one way or another, or at least so it would seem. I am still wondering what else is going to "come out in the wash"??? Lets keep our eye out as new developments continue to unfold.


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