Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Africa: Children Being Locked Over Asylum Appeals

Africa: Children Being Locked Over Asylum Appeals
This story really frustrates me because as a child at these vulnerable ages, you never forget ! These type of memories remain with your conscious for the rest of your life, and quite likely will have a negative effect on your life permanently. Having said that, I will let you read the article as it gives great details about stats and such regarding children in the UK awaiting a decision whether they will be returned or allowed asylum to stay in the UK. One alarming statistic from the article was that:

"What is known is that around 30,000 people apply for political asylum in the UK each year but that most of these are adults.

Sir Al Aynsley-Green, the children commissioner for England pointed out that of the 225 children released from detention in the second quarter of this year, only 100 were removed from the UK.

He questioned the necessity for detaining young children pointing out that if the "majority" were allowed to stay at the end of their release "why did they have to go through the detention process in the first place."

Well that means that nearly 50 percent were sent back or were remaining in the UK as a term commonly referred to as "ghosts" which I am going to get to in a second. So Sir Aynseley-Green should try to figure out why these asylum seekers had to go back to wherever they left, in this case Nairobi, in the first place, rather than wonder why they were held in Yarl's Wood forever and a day, to begin with wouldn't you say? This is really down right problematic for me. Its real tough to seek asylum in the UK and in a second I am going to post a friend of mines blog post link he sent to me as further evidence to the human rights problem with asylum seekers with our friends across the Atlantic. Like I said no offense to our allies, but what gives with these policies? Please follow this link Haunted by a living ghost.

Here you will learn first hand from a British citizen who has friends who were denied asylum in the UK. He has given a brilliant narration of the horror first hand that one must face, and it truly is a pathetic and unbelievably inhumane situation. Your likely to possibly even become a bit emotional after you read this blog post as I know that I did. Furthermore you will ask yourself why the government is so harsh as well.

Anyways, its not easy for children or adults to escape harsh conditions, but when they arrive in a democracy and all they face is red tape and doors that open and then close in your face it becomes hopelessly futile quite literally. Follow these links and you will see if I am telling you straight up or selling you a "lemon". I hope you learn more about asylum seekers in a democracy from this post. WE NEED REFORMS AND WE NEED THEM BAD .WE NEED TO STOP PRETENDING AND TALKING ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS AND START LIVING UP TO THEM!


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