Saturday, August 29, 2009

Solomonia: Human Rights Watch Board Members Criticize Their Own NGO

Solomonia: Human Rights Watch Board Members Criticize Their Own NGO

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  1. Quoting Solomonia regarding HRW
    " Operating in open, democratic societies like Israel is complicated because, as Bernstein noted, there are domestic organizations, like B'tselem in Israel, that do "a beautiful job" of holding their own governments accountable. "If you could cover every human rights act, it would be fine," Bernstein said. "But you can't, so you have to make choices about what you cover, and once you make choices, you're political, whether you want to be or not." The overall result of HRW's current work, he added, "is to say we're being evenhanded in a way that makes it come out that both sides are equal abusers of human rights -- I don't agree with that."..

    Wow! I'm not sure I reallybelieve this man can say this about Israel and about HRW from what I have observed. Just becasue you sat your even handed means your being political? Furthermore Israel has handled there human rights "beautifully"? Would the Palestinians agree with that comment? Interesting to make such "out on a limb comments.
    Here is a guy that must be living on "another planet" in my opinion. You can say whatever you want about his comments or agree or disagree that's my political opinion as he would say. I must be trying to be even handed myself I suppose:)



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