Saturday, August 15, 2009

Senator Webb Secures Release of U.S. Prisoner in Burma -

Senator Webb Secures Release of U.S. Prisoner in Burma -

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  1. "Senator Webb did something that Ban Ki-moon couldn't do," said David I. Steinberg, a Burma specialist and professor at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service.
    The start of a dialogue with Burma, which has been stalled for years, "is important no matter how it comes out," Steinberg said. He said the administration and Congress should now pursue a quiet diplomacy that seeks to prod the military government into real reforms, perhaps with help from the Chinese.
    But human rights groups saw the release of Yettaw as a cynical ploy intended to divert attention from the government's decision to extend Suu Kyi's house arrest."

    I'm not sure who I agree with, I tend to agree with the professor over at Georgetown, we should open up talks with Burma. They have been in Congressional resolutions for human rights abuses ever since the end of the cold war!



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