Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One Month Anniversary of my Blog, Paying Tribute

Every now and then I feel it becomes important to take a step back and "pay tribute" to those that have mentored or inspired you in some way or another. In my case from an academic standpoint I could not have been any luckier. I am not going to write a biography or anything like that, but I am going to link this article to a site where you can find all about my own personal mentor where I attended both undergraduate and graduate school at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, USA from 2000-2004. I started college after a long stint in the United States Air Force. I had attained my Associate degree in upstate NY after leaving service(10 yrs) and transferred to Florida.
Anyways, although no longer there, this professor is on to "bigger and batter fish to fry" so to speak. He, at the time, was always willing to take on more students then it seemed like he had time for. He is fluent that I know of in at least three languages; English, Arabic, and French. His specialization was/is the middle-east studies, international terrorism, and of course human rights. He taught me to be an analytical thinker, unbiased and an unprejudiced thinker. I became an overall moderate and gained an enhanced political science perspective from him. Just briefly his Bio includes a law degree from Lebanon, and a PhD from the University of Miami.

He has been an MSNBC and Fox news analyst and now writes articles for numerous online newspaper publications. Additionally, he is a counter-terrorism expert and is sought after by both the US Congress, the United Nations Security Counsel, and the European Union for his knowledge and expertise. There are numerous other organizations that he does consulting for as well. He has of course authored some very well received books regarding terrorism and Jihad . There is not to much he does not know about this subject. The title of this article will take you to one of my favorite links and that is where you can find out so much more about this world renowned expert on the middle east civilization and how they directly effect our lives here in the west from a strongly factual and academic perspective. By the way his name is Dr. Walid Phares. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I did his mentor-ship.

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