Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jonathon Narvey: Perfect countries don't need our troops - Full Comment

Jonathon Narvey: Perfect countries don't need our troops - Full Comment

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  1. As Narvey points out in his blog post "Aghanistan is a desperate country. Corruption robs and demoralizes the population. Human rights that are written into the Afghan constitution are mostly given lip service. President Karzai’s approval of a “marital rape law” is an abominable act of treachery to his own people, much less the international community that has sworn to stand by his struggling nation under siege from medieval killers.

    The points cited above are reasons for us to stay engaged. We can’t help Afghans help themselves (or pressure the Afghan government to abolish legislation that violates the country’s own constitution) by throwing them to the wolves.

    As Mark Collins of the Torch puts it, “Let’s find a perfect country to fight a war in support of.”

    I respond like this;It appears Narvey's colleague has mixed feelings as do most human rights supporters do about the US war in Afghanistan, the Human rights abuses in the name of cultural relativism,(especially in the Afghan) are abhorrent. I cant imagine I try to put myself in the soldiers the American actually all of the western trained soldiers boots and comprehend fighting in that country and how they must really feel about the Afghan leadership. It makes one take a deep breathe and a sigh.....



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